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Heart & Soil

A monography of the work of Jenny Carlsson Grip

In the studio, I think about colour meetings, the roar of pouring rain in a potato field, the squelch of dripping oil goo between the fingers and the very brightest Kings Blue deep.’

‘Jenny Carlsson Grip tests the materiality of the oil colour by applying layer upon layer and trying to bring forth a discovery. She paints with brushes, spatulas, broad scrapers and directly with her hands. Ploughing the colour. Weeds, grass and vegetation in very physical form have been attached to the paintings. The works become tactile and open up in a sensory and sincere way. We can follow her movements as she paints. A pulse beating. Her paintings have a rhythmic and a musical depth that bursts up in a short staccato whose application seeps into the body.’ – Torun Ekstrand

In the extensive monography Heart and Soil, we follow Jenny Carlsson Grip’s painting practice during a decade’s worth of exhibitions and excursions into the landscape of oil painting. With high quality documentations of paintings, paper works and public commissions, accompanied by immersive texts charting the painterly process from the study years through the major breakthrough and beyond, the walk goes into a place where the colour is in itself nature, a base matter that builds walls, runs in the ditches and claws towards the skies. 

The book kan be bought on Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing

The book kan be bought on Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing
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